Search for the Phoenix

Try our free game, Search for the Phoenix, for the chance to uncover epic cash and free spins!

    Search for the Phoenix Free Game Overview

    Explore the 10x9 phoenix mosaic to reveal matching sets of ancient treasure relics for a chance of winning cash and free spins!

    Free spins won in Search for the Phoenix can be played on the following games: Secrets of the Phoenix, Secrets of the Phoenix Jackpot, or Secrets of the Phoenix Megaways.

    How to Play

    Pick a tile on the mosaic to reveal a symbol.

    Skull symbols are counted as a miss.

    You are awarded six picks every day you play.

    Amount Needed
    Copper Vase35 spins
    Jade Mask410 spins
    Ruby Pendant550 spins
    Tree-tailed Lion8£20

    Your game board will be cleared at midnight every Sunday.

    To be eligible to play Search for the Phoenix, you need to have made a deposit of at least £10 - but the game is free to play.

    You can play your free spins on Search of the Phoenix, Secrets of the Phoenix Megaways or Secrets of the Phoenix Jackpot!


    Instant Wins

    If you find an Instant Win icon during the game, then you will receive up to 50 free spins to play at the end!

    You can find up to one Instant Win each day.

    You are not guaranteed to receive an Instant Win each week.

    Special Game

    The special monthly game offers the opportunity to win cash and free spins on the last day of the month.

    You will be awarded one pick each time you play Search for the Pheonix, which can be used in the monthly game.

    You must play Search for the Phoenix between 00:01 and 23:59 on the last day of the month to be eligible to play the monthly game.

    Pick Phoenix eggs from the 7x7 grid shown on-screen. 

    Each egg can contain up to £100 or up to ten free spins to be used on a choice of slot games.

    The first time you play Search for the Phoenix with the monthly game feature, you will be awarded a special one-time bonus of one free pick for every day that the current game has been in play.