Free Bet Blackjack

Enjoy Blackjack with a twist in Free Bet Blackjack, featuring four exciting side bet options!

    Free Bet Blackjack Game Overview

    Free Bet Blackjack is a variation of the classic Blackjack game offering free 'Double Down' and 'Split' bets!


    If the sum of your first two cards equals 21, you'll have Blackjack!

    Blackjack beats all other hands in this game.

    You can't create Blackjack from a split pair.


    You can buy insurance to offset the risk of the dealer having Blackjack.

    This will be available when their upcard is an Ace and will cost 50% of your main stake.

    The insurance wager is settled independently of the main wager.

    The game will continue as normal if the dealer doesn't have Blackjack.

    If they do have Blackjack but you don't, then the game will end.

    The game will end in a push if both you and the dealer have Blackjack - when this happens, your bet will be returned.

    Double Down and Free Double

    If your first two cards don't equal 21, then you can choose to Double Down to receive another card.

    This option will double the value of your wager.

    You can only Double Down if the dealer doesn't have Blackjack.

    If your initial hand equals nine, ten or 11, then you can receive a 'Free Double'.

    'Free Double' will add another bet, which will match your original wager if you win the round.

    You will lose the original wager if you lose the round.

    If the game ends in a tie, then you will only receive your original wager.


    This can add another card to your hard.

    You can choose to 'Hit' multiple times.


    Opting to Stand will hold your hand as it is.

    Split and Free Split

    You can 'Split' your initial hand into two if it contains two cards that are of equal value.

    Splitting a hand will create two separate hands with independent bets.

    If your initial hand isn't a pair of ten's, then you will be offered a 'Free Split'.

    With a 'Free Split', the second hand will have a 'Free Bet' that will be the same value as the original wager.

    Your wager won't be lost if you lose the second hand.

    No bet will be returned if the game ends in a tie.


    Going over 21 will cause you to lose. 

    The dealer has to show their downcard after each player has taken their turn.

    If the dealer has a hand of 16 or less, they have to Hit.

    If they have a hand of soft 17 or more, they have to Stand.

    The game ends in a push if the dealer's hand is equal to yours - your bet is returned when this happens.


    Six Card Charlie Rule

    If you have six cards that equal 21 or less, then you will automatically win.

    This is called the Six Card Charlie rule and applies even if the dealer has Blackjack, unless Insurance has already been offered.

    Side Bets

    There are four side bets available: Any Pair, 21+3, Hot 3 and Bust It.

    You can choose to place these side bets alongside your main Blackjack bet.

    It is possible to win on any side bet even if you lost your Blackjack bet.

    Any Pair Side Bet

    This bet covers the first two cards in your hand.

    If the two cards are equal in value, then you win this bet!

    There are two types of winning combinations available, each with a different payout:

    • Pair - e.g. 10 of Spades and 10 of Clubs.
    • Suited Pair -  e.g. 2x Queens of Hearts.

    21+3 Side Bet

    This bet covers the first two cards in your hand plus the dealer's upcard:

    • Suited Trips – suited Three of a Kind
    • Straight Flush – in numerical sequence and same suit
    • Three of a Kind – same value but different suits
    • Straight – in numerical sequence but different suits
    • Flush – non-sequential cards in the same suit

    Each combination has a different payout.

    Hot 3 Side Bet

    This bet covers the first two cards in your hand plus the dealer's upcard:

    This side bet is applicable if your first two cards plus the dealer's upcard forms one of the following combinations:

    • Total 19 
    • Total 20 
    • Total 21 (of the same suit) 
    • Total 21 (not of the same suit)
    • 7-7-7 

    Each combination has a different payout.

    Bust It Side Bet

    This bet covers the dealer going over 21.

    If you get Blackjack, then the Bust It bet is pushed.

    There are various combinations available in this side bet, each with a different payout:

    • Bust with 3 cards.
    • Bust with 4 cards.
    • Bust with 5 cards.
    • Bust with 6 cards.
    • Bust with 7 cards.
    • Bust with 8 or more cards


    • Blackjack pays 3:2.
    • Winning hand pays 1:1.
    • If the dealer has blackjack, insurance pays 2:1.

    Any Pair Side Bet Payouts

    Suited Pair25:1

    21+3 Side Bet Payouts

    Suited Trips100:1
    Straight Flush40:1
    Three of a Kind30:1

    Hot 3 Side Bet Payouts

    Total 21 Suited20:1
    Total 21 Unsuited4:1
    Total 202:1
    Total 191:1

    Bust It Side Bet Payouts

    Bust with 8 or more cards250:1
    Bust with 7 cards100:1
    Bust with 6 cards50:1
    Bust with 5 cards9:1
    Bust with 4 cards2:1
    Bust with 3 cards1:1

    Any malfunction voids the game round and all eventual payouts for the round. 

    Return to Player

    The optimal theoretical payout percentage is:

    • Blackjack – 98.45% (based on the first hand in the shoe)
    • Any Pair Side Bet – 95.90%
    • 21+3 Side Bet – 96.30%
    • Hot 3 Side Bet – 94.60%
    • Bust It Side Bet – 94.12%