Peek Baccarat

Pull up a seat at Peek Baccarat to discover an exciting twist to the classic casino game!

    Peek Baccarat Game Overview

    The bet sizes available in Peek Baccarat range from £1.20 to £2,400.

    Peek Feature

    The Peek feature allows you to increase the value of your wager based on a 'peek' of one, two or three cards in either hand.

    There will be a 20% fee for taking a 'peek' at cards.

    Betting Options

    Before each deal, you can wager on whether your hand or the Banker's hand will be closest to nine.

    You may also wager on a tie, where both hands will be equal in value.

    Initial Deal

    At the end of the betting time, two cards will be dealt to the player and the Banker.

    The values of the cards are as follows:

    2-9Face value
    10, Jack, Queen, KingZero

    If the initial value of the hand is 10 or higher, then 10 is subtracted from the total and the figure remaining is the value of the hand. 

    Third Card Rule

    Once the first two cards have been dealt to the player and Banker, the 'Third Card Rule' will decide if a third card will be dealt to either hand.

    If both hands are equal in value, then a 'Tie' is declared.

    No more cards will be dealt to either hand if the player's hand or the Banker's hand equals eight or nine.

    A third card will be dealt if the value of either hand equals between zero and seven.

    Pairs Side Bet

    There are two extra betting spots on the screen - Player Pair and Banker Pair.

    The extra spots allow you to wager on either the player's initial hand or the banker's initial hand being a pair.

    Both wagers will pay 11:1.


    Live Betting Statistics

    The total wager placed on a particular betting spot will be shown on-screen.

    You will also be able to view the number of wagers placed on each spot, the percentages of all wagers placed on the Banker, player or Tie.

    These numbers will update in real-time.

    Scoreboards (Roads)

    Streaks and trends are recorded in scoreboards (roads).

    Shoe Statistics

    The statistics for the current shoe will be shown above the Big Road.

    The shoe statistics will clear when a new shoe is introduced.


    Return to Player

    Return To Player (RTP): 98.80% (based on the first hand in the shoe)