Bubble Up Bingo

Pop on into Bubble Up Bingo for the chance to win a unique jackpot prize plus a win multiplier!

    Bubble Up Bingo Game Overview

    Set in the iconic Double Bubble bathroom, this bingo room offers the chance to win a fizzing jackpot prize and enjoy exciting bonus features

    This game follows the standard bingo rules, with the addition of a Double Bubble Bonus feature.

    Bingo Rules

    To play Bubble Up Bingo, purchase a ticket and then wait to see if the numbers drawn match the numbers on your card!

    The automatic dabbers will mark off your card every time a matching number is drawn, so you don't need to dab them yourself - leaving more time to dive into the chat room!

    There are three standard prizes available to win in Bubble Up Bingo:

    • Single line - mark off all the numbers in a single, horizonal line
    • Double lines - mark off all the numbers in two, horizontal lines
    • Full house - mark off all the numbers on your card

    Be the first player to complete a single line, double line or full house to win the prize!

    Double Up Bonus

    Landing on a double number (11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77 and 88) will double your payout for winning the single line, double line or full house prize!

    Double numbers will be highlighted if they appear on your card.

    Super 7 Jackpot Prize

    The Super 7 jackpot prize can be won by completing a full house on the number seven.


    Return to Player

    Return To Player (RTP): 80.99% - 85.45%

    The actual monthly return to player across all bingo games ranges between 80.99% - 85.45%.

    The return is the amount we have paid out to members relative to all wagering on the games.