Superlinks Bingo

Dive into our Superlinks Bingo room for the chance to pocket an awesome jackpot prize!

    Superlinks Bingo Game Overview

    Superlinks Bingo is a classic 90-ball bingo game with awesome twist, with cash prizes available to be win!

    How to Play Superlinks Bingo

    This is a 90-ball game of bingo, with cards containing 15 numbers each.

    All you need to do to pocket a prize is match the numbers from your bingo card with the numbers that are called!

    There's no need to worry about missing numbers - the cards will be automatically marked as the game progresses, so you can sit back and chat with your friends. 

    We'll also push the cards that are closest to winning to the top of the pile, so you can keep a close eye on the action!

    How can I win a prize?

    To win a prize in Superlinks Bingo, you need to either complete one line, two lines, or a full house.

    Lines are completed horizontally.

    To complete a full house, you need to mark off every number on your card.

    How do I buy cards?

    You can buy cards for the next game through the 'Quick Buy' feature. 

    Clicking 'Buy' will take you to the Ticket Shop where you can choose to buy available cards.

    Simply decide how many cards you want to play with and click 'Buy'!

    You can then either buy more cards or head back to the game.

    The Ticket Shop also offers the option to view all your cards and schedule future card purchases for later games in the current room.


    Super Jackpot Prizes

    The Super Jackpot prize is a community cash pot, which can be won by completing a full house in less than 39 calls.

    Games featuring the Super Jackpot prize are identified by the 'Super Jackpot (SJ)' symbol that will appear during play.

    You'll pocket a percentage of the Super Jackpot prize if you're the player who calls 'house'.

    The rest of the Super Jackpot prize is divided equally between the rest of the players who participated in the winning game.

    Chat Feature

    You can chat to your fellow players during the game with the chat feature!

    The chat feature will appear in the form of a small box at the bottom of the screen.

    Type your message in the box then hit 'Send' to get the conversation started!

    Our awesome Chat hosts will be around to answer any questions you may have and host mini games, where you could win exciting prizes!

    Return to Player 

    Return To Player (RTP): 80.99% - 85.45%

    The actual monthly return to player across all bingo games ranges between 80.99% - 85.45%. 

    The return is the amount we have paid out to members relative to all wagering on the games.