Cops 'n' Robbers: Big Money

Dive into another of Bert's missions to grab multiplier prizes and free spins in Cops 'n' Robbers: Big Money!

    Cops 'n' Robbers: Big Money Online Slot Game 

    You can play Cops 'n' Robbers: Big Money from just 20p per spin.

    Betting in this game is fixed at 10 paylines.

    Wild Symbols

    There are two types of Wild symbol in this game: Robber and Cop.

    The Robber Wild symbols can land during base game spins, Fortune Spins and the Big Money Bonus.

    The Cop Wild symbols can only land during the Big Money Bonus.

    Both types of Wild symbol can replace symbols already on the reels to create new wins - the only symbol that can't be replaced by the Cop Wild symbol or Robber Wild symbol is the Bonus symbol!

    Bonus Symbol

    The vault symbol is a Bonus symbol.

    The Bonus symbol can land anywhere during base game spins!

    Swag Bag Symbols

    There are four coloured Swag Bag symbols that may land during this game.

    These symbols are mixed pays, so can award line wins when they land in any combination.

    Number of Swag Symbols
    31x wager
    45x wager
    520x wager

    Big Money Bonus

    Landing three Bonus symbols across the reels will trigger the Big Money Bonus with a 1x starting multiplier.

    Triggering the bonus with more Bonus symbols will award a higher value starting multiplier.

    Number of Triggering Bonus Symbols
    Starting Multiplier Value

    This bonus uses a progressive trail, featuring win multiplier values.

    The available win multiplier values are 2x, 3x, 4x, 6x, 8x and 10x.

    The first multiplier value is awarded once you reach the sixth position on the trail

    The rest of the multipliers are placed on every third position after the sixth position. 

    The Robber symbol will act as a cash collector when it lands on the reels - all Swag Bag symbol values will be collected every time a Robber symbol lands.

    Once you reach a multiplier on the trail, all Swag Bag symbols collected after that point will be multiplied for an awesome prize payout!

    The Cop will progress along the trail every time a Cop symbol lands on the reels.

    The bonus ends when the Cop catches the Robber on the trail and is identified during the ID Parade.

    ID Parade Feature

    This feature contains three characters.

    A random character will be highlighted and the corresponding outcome will playout:

    BertEnds the bonus with any winnings achieved awarded
    SidPushes the Cop back by two positions on the trail before the bonus continues
    VicThe Robber jumps ahead to the next multiplier on the trail and the bonus continues

    Fortune Spins Feature

    You can choose to play a different version of the game by activating the Fortune Spins feature.

    All symbols, except Swag Bags, Bonus symbols and Robber symbols, will be removed from the reels.

    Swag Bags will be collected if they land at the same time as a Robber symbol.

    You can play the Fortune Spins version of this game at any stake.

    Gamble Option

    You can choose to activate the Gamble feature if you achieve a win that is greater than or equal to 5x your wager. 

    Activating the Gamble feature will present two wheels - the left wheel will offer the chance to increase your winnings, the right wheel will offer the chance to gamble to a bonus.

    Click on the wheels to spin them.

    If the pointer stops on a green segment, then you will receive the cash value of your free spins.

    If the pointer stops on a red segment, then you will lose your winnings and return to the base game.

    You can gamble up to a maximum win value of 2,500x your wager - once you reach this value, you will be returned to the base game.

    Press 'Collect' to collect your winnings and return to the base game.


    Return to Player

    Return To Player (RTP): 94.99% 

    The expected return is the amount we pay out to players relative to the amount of wagering on the game.

    For example, if we take £100 of wagers we will, on average, pay out £94.99 of wins.