Finn and the Swirly Spin

Finn and the Swirly Spin

Play Finn and the Swirly Spin for a chance to unlock one of four thrilling random features!

    Finn and the Swirly Spin Online Slot Game

    You can play Finn and the Swirly Spin from just 10p per spin.

    Betting in this game is fixed at 10 paylines.

    Free Spins Key Symbol

    The space in the bottom left of the reels will always begin with a Free Spin Key symbol.

    The Free Spin Key symbol will progress towards the centre as wins occur and the remaining symbols avalanche.

    Each time the Free Spin Key symbol reaches the centre and activates the Free Spins Bonus, the key meter shown on-screen will increase by one.

    The key meter will not reset every time the game closes, players can continue playing with the total number of keys collected when they restart the game.

    The Free Spin Key symbol cannot disappear during the main game. 

    Key Collecting

    The total number of keys displayed in the key meter does not reduce when the Free Spins Bonus is selected.

    Initially, only one free spins game will be available to choose, however, more can be unlocked after a certain number of free spins rounds have been played.

    Additional free spins unlock in the following order:

    1. Star Bar Free Spins
    2. Lava Lair Free Spins
    3. Lucky Mug Free Spins
    4. Golden Pot Free Spins  

    Wild Symbols

    Wild symbols substitute for all symbols except the Free Spin Key symbol.

    If a winning combination contains a Wild symbol, the Wild symbol will explode destroying symbols vertically and horizontally adjacent to it. 

    If the wins do not contain a Wild symbol, a new Wild symbol will be created in place of one of the symbols that has exploded.

    Sticky Wild

    Sticky Wild symbols only appear during Lava Lair Free Spins and acts as a regular Wild symbol except it cannot be destroyed and will not destroy surrounding symbols in the case of a win.


    Random Features

    After your first spin, a Random feature may be awarded.

    There are four types of Random features that could be won:

    • Starfall Wilds
    • Dragon Destroy
    • Irish Luck
    • Magic Transform  

    Starfall Wilds

    During the Starfall Wilds feature, two or more Wild symbols will be randomly placed on the reels in either a random pattern or in a line.

    Should the Wild symbols be placed in a random pattern, they will not cover any Free Spins Key symbols.

    If there are no wins after the Wild symbols are added, a Wild symbol will continue to be randomly placed on the reels until a win is achieved.

    Dragon Destroy

    The Dragon Destroy feature can only be activated if there were no more wins before it was activated.

    A random number of symbols will be destroyed which will activate an avalanche for a guaranteed win. 

    Irish Luck

    The Irish Luck feature can only be activated if there has been no win after the first spin.

    A horizontal or vertical line of one symbol, except a Wild symbol, will be added to the reels for a guaranteed win.  

    Magic Transform

    The Magic Transform feature transforms all Spade and Heart symbols into higher-paying symbols.

    The symbol that the Spade symbols transform into can be different to the symbol that the Heart symbols transform into.

    Free Spins

    If the Free Spin Key symbol is in the central position after all wins or avalanches have occured then a Free Spins Bonus is triggered.

    Choose from four different free spins games, which are the same as the Random Features games.

    Only one Random Feature can be chosen during free spins.  

    The Star Bars

    If the Star Bar Free Spins are activated, seven Star Bar Free Spins are awarded with the Starfall Wilds Random Feature.

    The Star Bars Free Spins requires one key to be triggered.

    The Star Bar Free Spins works the same way as the Starfall Wilds Random Feature in the main game.  

    Lava Lair

    When the Lava Lair Free Spins are activated, three Lava Lair Free Spins are awarded along with the Dragon Destroy Feature.

    You will need four keys to unlock the Lava Lair Free Spins.

    During Lava Lair Free Spins, a Sticky Wild symbol will always appear in place of the Free Spins Key symbol in the main game.


    Lucky Mug

    Activating Lucky Mug Free Spins will award four Lucky Mug Free Spins as well as the Irish Luck Random Feautre.

    Nine keys are needed to unlock Lucky Mug Free Spins.

    If there are no wins, the symbols will transform as follows:

    • Each of the six symbol options are sorted according to how often they appear in the play area.
    • A symbol is randomly chosen for the overlay.  

    Golden Pot

    If the Golden Pot Free Spins are activated, you will be awarded two Golden Pot Free Spins with the Magic Transform Random Feature.

    You will need 16 keys to unlock this feature.

    The Golden Pot Free Spins feature works the same as the Magic Transform feature in the main game.  

    Return to Player

    Return To Player (RTP): 96.61%.

    The expected return is the amount we pay out to players relative to the amount of wagering on the game.

    For example, if we take £100 of wagers we will, on average, pay out £96.61 of wins.