Reel King Megaways

Reel King Megaways

Watch out for the Reel King for fantastic free spins in Reel King Megaways, with up to 117,649 paylines available!

    Reel King Megaways Online Slot Game

    You can play Reel King Megaways from just 20p per spin.

    There are up to 117,649 paylines available in this game.

    Extra Reel

    The extra reel adds an extra symbol to reels two to five. 


    During the main game and the Reel King Free Spins Bonus, every winning symbol is part of a Cascade.

    Cascades cause winning symbols to be replaced by new symbols falling down from above on the reels and from the right on the extra reel. 

    Lit Reels - 'Dings'

    During the main game, between zero and six reels will light up yellow with a 'Ding!' sound when they land.

    Dings occur from left to right consecutively, starting from the far left reel.

    Each subsequent Cascades lights up an additional reel yellow.

    Successfully lighting six reels yellow will trigger the Reel King Bonus.

    If you achieve another Cascade, you will be advanced to the Super King Bonus.

    Achieving one or more Cascades from this point will advance you to the Mega King Bonus. 

    Reel King Bonus Entry

    There are three levels of entry to the Reel King Bonus.

    Each one has a different free spins trail associated to it and a minimum number of Reel Kings that can appear when the bonus begins. 

    Reel King Bonus

    During the Reel King Bonus, one to six Reel King symbols will appear on the reels.

    Play begins on the leftmost position on the trial.

    Each King will spin his reels, with various prizes available for winning combinations. 

    Free Spins Trail

    Lighting up all three reels of an individual Reel King will advance you along the trail by one position.

    A Reel King will disappear if he spins to a losing combination and has less than three lit reels.

    The Free Spins Trail feature ends when there are no more Reel Kings left on the reels.

    If a free spins trail position is reached, the Reel King Free Spins Bonus is triggered. 

    Reel King Free Spins Bonus

    You can view how many free spins you have left and your current multiplier value on the right of the screen.

    The unlimited multiplier value increases by one with each winning Cascade.

    Reels are lit red consecutively from left to right with each Cascade, starting with the far left reel.

    All red reels remain lit during free spins until the sixth reel is lit - at this point, the Reel King character appears on-screen and increases the number of free spins remaining by one, two or three, and the current multiplier value is increased by zero, one, two, or three. 

    Free Spins Gamble

    You can choose to gamble any winnings and free spins from the Reel King Bonus for more free spins.

    The 'Take' button will show the amount that would be at risk, while the 'Spin' button will show the prize on offer should you win the gamble.

    To collect your current prize, select 'Take'.

    Alternatively, select 'Spin' to start the wheel.

    If the arrow lands in a green segment, you win the gamble.

    However, if it lands in a red segment you lose the gamble.

    The segments on the wheel are reflective of the true odds of winning or losing.

    The prizes for winning or losing the gamble are shown under the wheel and on the trail at the top of the screen.

    You can continue to risk the free spins until the end of the trail is reached or 25 free spins have been won from the wheel - at this point, the free spins are collected.

    Any remaining free spins after a non-winning gamble are automatically collected.

    The expected payback for the Free Spins Gamble is 100%.

    Spin Chance

    Spin Chance is triggered automatically if your credit falls below the current price of play but is still greater than zero.

    Spin Chance offers the opportunity to wager your remaining credit for a chance at winning an additional spin at your current bet.

    Select 'Play' to activate Spin Chance and start moving the pointer across the meter.

    If the pointer stops on the green segment, a spin at your current bet is awarded and plays automatically.

    If the pointer stops on the red segment, you lost any remaining credit and return to the main game.

    The size of the red and green segments are proportional to the amount of credit in relation to the current bet - the chance of winning a spin is determined by this ratio.

    Alternatively, select 'No thanks' to exit Spin Chance with your remaining credit.

    Return to Player

    Return To Player (RTP): 96.23%.

    The expected return is the amount we pay out to players relative to the amount of wagering on the game.

    For example, if we take £100 of wagers we will, on average, pay out £96.23.