Sausage Party

Sausage Party

Achieve wins worth a maximum of 50,000x your bet in our movie slot, Sausage Party. 

    Sausage Party Online Slot Game

    You can play Sausage Party from just 10p per spin.

    Betting in this game is fixed at 20 paylines.

    Wild Symbols

    Wilds override all symbols apart from Bonus and Scatter symbols. 

    Wild symbols include: Skin On Wilds Wild, Douche Colossal Wild, Douche Wild, Frank's Hot Dog Wild, Bagel And Lavash Wild, Brenda Wild and Frenda Wild.

    The Immortals

    This feature is triggered at random and can happen on any spin.

    Possible prizes include:

    - Skin on Wilds - Wilds can overlay the reels and turn them wild

    - Frank's Hot Dog Wilds - any of the reels can turn into a reel stacked full of Wilds

    - Mighty Douche Colossal Reels - as the reels continue to spin, three adjacent reels may turn into a Colossal Reel

    - Touching Tips - the Mystery symbol (Frank and Brenda) randomly decides a symbol to be shown inside the Mystery symbol

    - Bath Salts Bonus Boost - increases your chances of  landing a Bonus symbol 

    - Keen as F%$*in' Mustard - guarantees a big winning spin 

    Two extra modifiers are available after any spin, both of which turn a losing spin into a win.

    On a losing spin, a Knife symbol may appear - this will re-set the reels into a win.

    Landing a Dustpan and Brush can also reveal a win.

    Bonus Activation

    The Bonus Activation is in-play if you land at least three Bonus symbols.

    Spin the wheel to determine which of the six features you've won. 

    Still Fresh Bonus

    Triggering the Still Fresh Bonus will launch a new screen with a shelf containing packs of sausages.

    Pick a pack of sausages to survive the round.

    If you survive, the bonus winnings panel will increase by a random amount.

    A pack of sausages will be removed each round, decreasing your chances of survival.

    This continues until your sausages are dumped in the bin or another feature is triggered.

    Should you win an extra feature, you'll be picked and placed in a shopping trolley, which is taken off into the shopping sunset to win extra prizes.

    The (Not So) Great Beyond Bonus

    Choose food items to reveal a prize:

    - Cash Value - reveals a cash prize

    - Double Win - this doubles the amount shown in the bonus winnings panel

    - Collect - the feature ends and you'll be awarded the amount shown in the bonus winnings panel

    - Barry - revealing a Barry icon takes the game to a cut scene whereby Barry is falling from the window, offering the chance to win another feature

    Gettin' Juiced Free Spins

    You'll receive an initial number of free spins when this feature is triggered.

    The Douche Special Wild symbol will be activated and the top pay hierarchy will be re-calculated for this bonus game. 

    The Douche symbol can 'suck the juice' out of any symbols showing a cash value - this will add the respective cash values to your winnings.

    When all your free spins have been played, a Super Douche symbol will appear on reels one to four and the fifth reel will be filled with a mix of empty p0ositions, Douche symbols and Bonus symbols - giving you the chance to win Bun In The Oven Free Spins and The Even Greater Beyond features.

    Reel five will then spin to award you one of the following:

    - Super Douche symbol - the total win for the feature is paid again.

    - If a Feature Bonus symbol lands, you'll be awarded the relevant feature

    It's not possible to re-trigger this feature.

    Bread Bashing Free Spins

    When Bagel and Lavash symbols land simultaneously, they turn each other Wild as well as all other relevant symbols in view.

    Once all your free spins have been played, you'll see a number of hummus jars appear over the reels.

    Choose one jar to reveal your prize:

    - Extra Spins - grants you more free spins, where both the Bagel and Lavash symbols will be Wild

    - The Greater Beyond - awards the Big Money feature

    - Collect - the feature ends and you'll be credited the amount shown in the bonus winnings panel

    Bun in the Oven Free Spins

    You're awarded a number of free spins at the start of the feature. 

    Both three-symbol high Frank Wilds and Brenda Bun Wilds are active during this bonus game.

    The Frank Wild symbols and Brenda Bun Wild symbols will then all spin - one Wild will spin downwards and the other Wild will spin upwards.

    Should a Brenda or Frank symbol land on any spin, they will turn Wild.

    If a Brenda and Frank symbol land on the same reel, a Fr-end Wild is created and will multiply the Wild reel by x2. 

    It's possible to re-trigger Bun in the Oven Free Spins at the end of the feature. 

    You'll then have to pick one item to determine your prize:

    - Collect - ends the feature

    - Re-trigger - play the feature again

    - The Even Greater Beyond - awards you the Even Greater Beyond Big Money Bonus

    The Even Greater Beyond Bonus

    Trigger this bonus game by landing five Bonus symbols. It can also be triggered by gambling to, or having reached The Even Greater Beyond aisle in the Wild in the Aisles Bonus.

    Click the green button to reveal which total bet multiplier you've won.

    Continue playing until you land on 'Stop', which will award the total bet multiplier win.

    Power Play

    Power Play is activated when you secure a base game win of at least 5x your bet.

    You need to spin the bottle to reveal your prize: a win multiplier or feature. 

    This feature is only triggered for reel-only wins (including wins from modifiers).

    It's not possible to trigger Power Play when both a reel win and feature are awarded from a single spin.

    This feature will cost you an additional 1x your bet.

    Return to Player

    Return to Player (RTP): 95.95%

    The expected return is the amount we pay out to players relative to the amount of wagering on the game.

    For example, if we take £100 of wagers we will, on average, pay out £95.95 of wins during the base game, plus the chance to win the jackpot.