Secrets of the Phoenix Elements Jackpot

Secrets of the Phoenix Elements Jackpot

Soar across the reels in Secrets of the Phoenix Elements Jackpot for the chance to discover an incredible progressive jackpot prize!

    Secrets of the Phoenix Elements Jackpot Online Slot Game

    Betting in this game is fixed at 25 paylines.

    Secrets of the Phoenix Slot Series

    Secrets of the Phoenix Elements Jackpot is another installment in the exciting Secrets of the Phoenix slot series!

    Fans of this online slot series can enjoy games such as the original Secrets of the Phoenix, Secrets of the Phoenix Jackpot and Secrets of the Phoenix Megaways.


    Symbol Collection Meter

    Any symbols that are involved in winning combinations will be added to the Symbol Collection Meter.

    There are five parts to the meter, with 20 symbols needed to fill each one.

    Filling the first four parts of the meter will activate an Elemental Phoenix feature!

    If you fill the fifth and final part of the meter, then you will be able to play the bonus.

    Elemental Phoenix Features

    There are four Elemental Phoenix features available to trigger in this game: Fire Strike, Ice Blast, Earth Rupture and Wind Surge.

    Elemental Phoenix Feature
    Fire StrikeAdds up to four stacks of Wild symbol on the reels.
    Ice BlastUp to four Wild symbols will be added onto the reels - these will stick to the reels for up to two winning spins.
    Earth RuptureUp to four Colossal symbols are added to the reels - these can be up to 4x4 to begin with, though they will separate into identical smaller symbols.
    Wind SurgeRandom matching symbols are removed from the reels.

    Free Spins Bonus

    Collect 100 winning symbols in the meter to play the Free Spins Bonus!

    Before the bonus begins, pick an egg to determine the number of free spins you will receive.

    The bonus starts with five symbols in the meter.

    If you trigger an Elemental Phoenix feature during the bonus then you will receive a multiplier, which will be applied to any winnings achieved during the feature!

    You can win more free spins by collecting 100 symbols on a spin.

    Progressive Jackpot

    It is possible that one of the eggs shown at the start of the Free Spins Bonus will contain a progressive jackpot prize!

    The chances of winning the jackpot are proportional to your total wager.

    Return to Player

    Return To Player (RTP): 94.47% + 0.81% Jackpot contribution.

    The expected return is the amount we pay out to players relative to the amount of wagering on the game.

    For example, if we take £100 of wagers we will, on average, pay out £94.47 of wins, plus the chance to win the jackpot.