The Goonies Return

The Goonies Return

Dive into The Goonies Return to discover exciting bonuses in a hunt for treasure!

    The Goonies Return Online Slot Game

    You can play The Goonies Return from just 10p per spin.

    Betting in this game is fixed at 20 paylines.

    Reel Wins

    To form a win, match symbols across consecutive reels from left to right (starting with the far-left reel).

    The win is then multiplied by the bet placed on that line.

    Only the highest value win is paid on each line. 

    The wins achieved across different lines are added together to create a total win value.

    Any Scatter wins are added to regular line wins.

    Wild Symbols

    There are seven types of Wild symbols in this game: Medallion Wild, Truffle Shuffle Wild, Mikey Wild, Colossal Wild, Super Sloth Wild, Goonie Wild and Inferno Wild.

    All of these symbols may replace other symbols to help create line wins.

    Note: Scatter symbols and Bonus symbols cannot be replaced by Wild symbols.

    One-Eyed Willy Key of Plenty Bonus

    This bonus may be triggered at random of any spin.

    When triggered, one of the following modifiers will be awarded:

    Truffle Shuffle WildsPositions are turned Wild by overlay Wild symbols. These Wild symbols may be multiplying Wilds with a Truffle re-shuffle, which will move the reels after the original spin to award a second win.
    Hidden TreasureA Mikey Wild symbol is added to the central reel and Goonie symbols may be transformed into Wild symbols.
    W-invention ReelsBetween two and five consecutive reels have the same outcome. A Colossal symbol may also land on up to five reels to either upgrade the visible symbols or move them for a better value win.
    Lucky CoinsA randomly chosen symbol is displayed inside the Mystery symbol. A Cash symbol may reveal, which holds all visible Cash symbols in place while the reels spin again. The reels continue to spin until no more Cash symbols land.
    Bonus BoostExtra Bonus symbols are added to the reels.
    Win SpinA win is guaranteed for that spin.
    ScytheOn a losing spin, the reels will reset into a win.
    Shooting SpikesOn a losing spin, at least one column of symbols will be removed to create a win.
    DynamiteThe win will upgrade as all visible symbols are removed, causing new winning symbols to cascade in.

    Bonus Activati0n

    Landing three or more Bonus symbols on the reels will activate the bonus.

    There are six bonuses on offer: Booby Trap Bonus, Waterslide to Wealth Bonus, Skeleton Organ Free Spins Bonus, Fratelli Free Spins Bonus, Final Voyage Free Spins Bonus and One-Eyed Willy's Riches Bonus.

    Spin the wheel shown on-screen to determine which bonus you have won.

    Booby Trap Bonus

    Turn the key either left or right to reveal an outcome:

    • Cash - awards a cash value based on the total bet
    • Collect - ends the feature and awards the amount shown in the Bonus Win display
    • Bonus Feature - awards a bonus 

    Waterslide to Wealth Bonus

    There are two stages to this bonus.

    The bonus always begins with Stage 1, which is a multiplier trail.

    Pick gold doubloons to progress along the trail and increase the total bet multiplier.

    The doubloons will reveal one of the following outcomes:

    •  1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 - moves you along the trail by the corresponding number of positions
    • Collect - ends the feature and awards the current total bet multiplier
    • Big Money - activates the Big Money bonus

    At certain points along the trail, a ship's wheel icon will feature.

    Landing on a ship's wheel icon will award one of the following outcomes:

    • Upgrade - increases some of the values on the trail
    • Eliminate - removes some of the values on the trail to shorten it
    • Shortcut - drops you further along the trail

    Skeleton Organ Free Spins Bonus

    Five free spins are awarded with an active special Skeleton Organ symbol super-stacked on each reel.

    The Skeleton Organ symbol sticks to the reels for the duration of the bonus.

    Every time a special symbol appears on a spin, you can pick a key on the organ to reveal a symbol - this symbol will then be shown on every visible Organ symbol.

    At the end of the bonus, pick a doubloon to reveal one of the following outcomes:

    • Extra Spins - awards extra spins with the same sticky Mystery symbol
    • Bonus - awards a bonus
    • Collect - ends the bonus and awards the amount shown in the bonus winning panel

    Fratelli Free Spins Bonus

    Awards eight free spins plus resurrecting re-spins at the end of the bonus.

    If a Super Sloth Wild symbol appears during a free spin, then a special border will be placed on the position after any wins have been paid. 

    Once all eight free spins have been played, a re-spin will occur on all positions marked by a special border.

    The positions will either reveal a Wild symbol or a Cash symbol.

    Revealing at least five Cash symbols will trigger the Momma Fratelli Money Spins feature, where each position will transform into a mini Cash reel and you receive three re-spins.

    The number of re-spins remaining will reset to three every time a Cash symbol appears.

    At the end of the bonus, pick a key to reveal one of the following outcomes:

    • Extra Spins - awards extra spins with any special borders from the initial spins held on the reels
    • Bonus - awards a bonus
    • Collect - ends the bonus and awards the value shown in the bonus winning panel

    Final Voyage Free Spins Bonus

    The Inferno Wild symbol is active during this bonus.

    On each spin, the Inferno Wild symbol will move from the far-left reel one space to the right.

    At the end of each spin, the Goonie symbol below the Inferno Wild will also turn Wild before the Inferno Wild symbol moves to the right again.

    The Inferno Wild symbol continues to move until all high-paying symbols are turned Wild and the doubloon on reel five is reached.

    At the end of the bonus, pick a doubloon to reveal one of the following outcomes:

    • Collect - ends the bonus and awards the value shown in the bonus winning panel
    • One-Eyed Willy Riches Bonus - awards the One-Eyed Willy Riches Bonus
    • Super Spins - awards super spins with Wild Goonie symbols and a full reel of active Inferno Wild symbols, which will move randomly on each spin before locking onto a random reel


    One-Eyed Willy Riches Bonus

    This bonus is triggered when five bonus symbols appear during the main game, you gamble to the bonus, it's revealed during a feature or if it is awarded by the Bonus Wheel.

    A total bet multiplier is awarded from a set of spinning numbers.

    This process continues until the booby trap is triggered, at which point you will receive the total bet multiplier win.

    A set of Goonie characters are active, each with a unique outcome plus a cash value attached:

    MikeyAwards an overall win multiplier worth x2-x5
    DataAwards an extra re-spin
    MouthA Super Money win is awarded by adding together all current winning values on the reels
    One-Eyed WillyA column is added on the left or right to grow the size of the reels up to 9x4
    SlothResets the powers of any other visible character on the reels

    The bonus ends when the entire grid is filled or when all spins have been played.

    Feature Gamble

    Whenever a bonus is won, you can choose to collect the bonus or 'Gamble' to try to win another bonus.

    Note: this option is not offered when the One-Eyed Willy Riches Bonus is won.

    If you successfully gamble to a bonus and collect it, then all bonuses below will be eliminated.

    This process repeats until you choose to 'Collect' a bonus, you reach the top bonus, or if you land on the Mystery Win segment.

    The Mystery Win segment will award a cash prize of 5x-35x your total bet. 

    The odds of winning during the Feature Gamble are not necessarily the same as the odds shown on-screen.

    One-Eyed Willy Exchange

    Achieving a win of at least 15x your bet in the main game will offer the option to collect or enter the feature wheel gamble.

    Choosing to 'Gamble' will replace the win amount with a spin of the Exchange wheel, which features one of three bonus levels (Bonus, Super Bonus or Mega Bonus) plus Mystery Win.

    The Exchange Wheel process is the same as the Feature Gamble process.

    Return to Player 

    Return To Player (RTP): 95.50%

    The expected return is the amount we pay out to players relative to the amount of wagering on the game.

    For example, if we take £100 of wagers we will, on average, pay out £95.50 of wins.